Frequently Asked Questions

Airport : You will fly into Denpasar Airport (DPS). From there a shuttle will pick you up and bring you to your retreat site.


Visa : Bali is an Indonesian Island and a Visa is required to enter. You will receive a Free 30 day Visa on arrival stamp or you can apply for a 60 day VoA Visa on Arrival for 35$; this requires applying for an extension at Immigration once in Bali. For more Visa details visit :


Money : Bali uses IDR or Indonesian Rupiah, it’s about 13,500IDR to 1$ though it fluctuates a little bit all the time. Up to date exchange There are currency “exchanges” all over town.


Language : Indonesian/Balinese and English is spoken almost everywhere. 


Phone/WiFi : We recommend WhatsApp. You can buy a prepaid SIM card for cheap at the airport or at most convenience shops downtown. Visit for details/providers. It is rainy and humid so keep your devices covered. Plug adaptors are needed at most hotels. And in general WiFi is not great in Bali, there are a few co-working places (Hubud, Outpost) and lots of Cafes in Ubud that claim they have good connection.


Getting around : We will provide shuttle to and from Ubud. You can also rent your own motorbike very easily on the street, and taxis and motorbike taxis are everywhere. It’s very inexpensive and super easy to get around.


Clothing : It’s tropical. Warm to hot and humid. Light comfy and yogaish clothing recommended on retreat, and bring your swimsuit. In or around temples/royal places a sarong skirt and top covering shoulders is required for men or women. 


Food : It’s amazing! Best handmade Tempeh and Tofu in the world, mixed with a fusion of food from around the world. There is something for everyone and a vegan vegetarian health foodies dream come true. And you’ll be getting a taste of it all.