"Living on a chunk of rock in the middle of the ocean"

Kaua'i has welcomed this weary wanderer with open arms! (It helps that my momma and Aunty both live on the island😉). Traveling is one of my main inspirations, but just like anything, there are parts of it that are challenging. 3 countries, 4 states, waaaay too many modes of transportion to count, plus having to quickly adjust to different climates, living out of a suitcase, and eating food that is high in sugar and fat have taken a toll on my system. And my bones, my brain and my spirit are feeling it.

On this sweet, generous, lush and oh, so gorgeous island, I drink water straight from a spring. I walk barefoot in the sand, and on red dirt roads. I swim in the clearest blue salty water on a daily basis. I eat super high nutrient food that grows less than a mile or two from where I live. I sleep in a screened in room that lets the moonlight and cool breeze bathe me each night. I hike, and walk, and yoga everyday. I am beyond blessed. And, with all this clean, high prana living, my system is cleansing. All the 'junk' that has accumulated in my body is being flushed out. And like any good cleanse, some days I feel fucking amazing!! And some days it's hard to crawl out of bed to get my ass down to the beach...

But I do, and when I walk down my little dirt road to the bay, I am blessed with views that are straight out of a Hollywood set. I am blessed with fresh air, blowing ocean mist. I am blessed with the scent of ginger flowers, spicy and sweet. Being here is truly reminding me of what a magical planet I live in!

And to share some of this gratitude that I am feeling, I'm offering donation yoga classes at Hanalei Bay. My sister and I have teamed up, and twice a week we will be guiding fun and challenging classes, with amazing views of the beach. If you happen to be on the North Shore of Kaua'i, come play with us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's a small way that we can give back for all gifts this sweet land has given.

Much aloha beautiful people!

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