The Path to Self

Hello beautiful beings! There is so much happening in our world right now...political/racial tensions, eclipses, and general intensity of summer and I am feeling it all!

I am overwhelmed, angered, and heart broken. How can we treat each other so horribly? How did our world get to be such a violent place? How is this at all acceptable? Waves of emotion have bowled me over recently and leave me struggling for breath...I don't know which way is up...and I also know the best thing in these moments are to surrender to the wave and let go...cry, rage, scream, dance, hug...whatever needs to be done to move with and through to the next layer... And I am once again deeply reminded of the beauty of simple practice. Breath. Touch. Movement. How these simple things bring me back to my center, to my Self. The real Self. The Self that has infinite and unconditional love. Even if I only feel it for a second, I know that my Self is always there. Holding me. Witnessing me. Untouched as I cry and rant and laugh at this insane, and miraculous show called Life. For me, one of the best ways that I can come back home, back to center, back to Self is through touching another human. Hugs, dancing, and of course, Thai Massage. Thai Massage has been one of the longest and most fulfilling relationships that I have ever had. The practice of touching another human with compassion, joy and loving kindness is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane in these turbulent moments. And I am overwhelmingly grateful that this path found me. This is the path back to my Self.

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