Time for a Pause

Are you feeling called to take a little pause from the intensity of life right now?

Between tragedies of the the shootings, political and environmental storms and general turbulence, it can be easy to get swept into the feelings of hopelessness, sadness, overwhelm and grief. I'm not going to bring a yogic cliche, and tell you to breath light and love into it all and it will all be ok. Because it's not ok. Because it's hard. Life can feel hard and unforgiving and way too fast.

And we still have a choice. We get to choose how we react to all of the emotions. We get to choose how to react to the actions of others we disagree or agree with. And we get to choose how we act. We can either add more negativity, overwhelm, heaviness and sadness to the moment, and let ourselves be constricted with fear and hate, or we can flood our world with a shit ton of LOVE! We can hug each other, and cry for our brothers and sisters who are hurt and hurting each other, and then brush ourselves off and choose to smile at a stranger, donate clothes to a family, gift our time or money to a cause, anything to add more GOOD to the world. Anything.

Because really, that is yoga.

And, there's a huge benefit in taking a break, a savasana from our normal day to day life, and giving our frayed systems a chance to reset and truly relax. Turn off the TV or Facebook. Walk barefoot on the grass or edge of the ocean. Watch clouds float by or kids playing. Sit with a friend and talk about butterflies. Breathe. Connect. Find your way back home.

And, if you need a deeper reset, join us for a sanctuary for your soul December 9-15, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Come with us on a journey to nourish your soul.

Disconnect from technology to check in with yourself. Breath deeply and with awareness so you can hear what your body is saying. Nourish your belly and soul with vibrant, delicious food that is prepared for you with pure love. Take time and space to just be.

Come to be nourished, supported and deeply loved

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