Thailand Testimonial

Having suffered the recent loss of my baby, I was desperately searching for meaning in my life and reason to go on living. In a matter of 5 weeks, I went from feeling the most intense form of love a mother could feel for her baby, to experiencing the most heart wrenching loss I could ever imagine.

I had a difficult time working up the motivation to travel all the way from Costa Rica to Thailand to join the Wandering Yogis, and with the encouragement of my partner and parents I went. I cannot put into words just how grateful I am that I did!

This retreat changed my life! The beautiful teaching and practices we were led on by Fall, Jess and Sorrel went straight to my soul. From the heartfelt Yoga practices, Sunrise Meditations, Thai Massage & Acro Yoga Workshops, Sound Healing, excursions and exquisite meals not one detail was overlooked.

I came out of this experience feeling renewed, inspired and ready to embrace life once again.

Thank you ladies for your beauty, your grace and all the effort you pour into making these experiences a one of a kind.

With so much love and a heart filled with gratitude,


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