Wandering Yogis Travel Tips

We're super excited to embark on this adventure to the magical land of Bali! We've found tickets online roundtrip for under $800 out of major airports! Holy Moly that's a great deal!

Here's some other helpful tips when shopping for the perfect flight.

-SkyScanner is a great place to get good deals on flights

-Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to buy as they release new deals these days.

-When a flight says "Self Transfer" That means you have to exit the terminal (security area) recheck into a new airline, and get your bag at baggage claim, then recheck in. Totally fine if you are not checking a bag, but can be a pain!

-There is a FaceBook Travel group called Girls Love Travel, that has tons of feedback on airlines and international travel.

-Some of the Wandering Yogis favorite airlines are: Korean Airlines, EVA, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Happy Shopping and we'll be wandering with you soon!

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